The Healthy Alternative to Binders for Tomboys

The Healthy Alternative to Binders for Tomboys
January 29, 2017 Eva
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If you have been struggling to find a chest binder that ticks all the boxes, then you are far from alone. Whatever your chest size, achieving a stylish, handsome, tomboy look, without the pain and discomfort of a tight, constricting binder that might be damaging to your health may seem like an impossible dream, but there is an alternative for those who do not want to conform to the usual gender stereotypical looks and still feel comfortable.

Binding has been around for centuries; from the sarashi worn by the Geishas of Japan, through the tight corsets worn by the Victorians, to the binding that the flappers wore in the 1920s.Fortunately, modern science has now come up with a far better way to achieve a flatter, more masculine look.

The Tomboy Undershirt is the perfect solution for tomboys who want to wear masculine clothing and look great, but who also want to feel comfortable and don’t want to risk the potential negative health effects of binders. Its stylish, classic style is cleverly combined with an anatomically-optimized inner layer that smooths out those unwanted curves. The Tomboy Undershirt looks great, feels great and has none of the potential side effects of binding.

Why you may want to consider not wearing traditional chest binders
While chest binding for short periods of time poses no significant health risk, if you wear a chest binder continuously for long periods of time, it can cause some health problems.

If you are going to bind your chest, it is advisable to give yourself a break at least every eight hours and not wear the binding to bed. You should also buy good quality breast binders and not try the do-it-yourself approach by using bandages or tape.

Any type of binding underwear will put a lot of pressure on your chest, your ribs and your internal organs. They also, by their very nature, are tight to wear, so they restrict the circulation of air to your skin, which can aggravate skin problems or cause yeast infections under the breasts. Here are the main medical implications of chest binding that you need to be aware of if you are considering binding long-term:

Crushed ribs
One of the most common problems with chest binding is the pressure that it puts on the ribs. Your ribs are far easier to crack than you may have realized and, if you bind your chest too tightly, or exert yourself too much while you are a wearing a chest binder, you can quite easily crack your ribs and that can be a very painful experience.

Collapsed lung
It is also possible, in extreme cases, that a rib that has been broken by chest binding could puncture the lung which would, of course have serious health implications. Once a lung has been punctured, air can get between the lung and the wall of the chest, which eventually can cause the lung to collapse.

Damage to small blood vessels
Too much compression on the chest can irreparably damage small blood vessels. This can lead to circulation problems and the formation of blood clots. If you bind your chest too tightly over a long period of time, it can lead to more serious problems, such as heart attacks and a condition known as costochondritis, which is inflammation of the cartilage surrounding the ribs that can cause intense chest pains.

Back problems
Binding your chest in tight underwear also puts pressure on the spine, which can lead to back pain. If you do experience back pain, especially in the upper back, it is advisable to consult a doctor as this could be a sign that you have damaged your lungs in the way we mentioned before.

Skin problems
Not to put too fine point in it, binding can be a sweaty business and that can aggravate and cause a lot of skin conditions. If you are prone to acne or eczema, binding could well make the symptoms worse. It’s also important to take extra care over personal hygiene too, because the warm, damp conditions under a chest binder make the perfect breeding ground for fungal infections.

Binders are uncomfortable
Of course, there are many people who successfully carry off the tomboy look by wearing chest binders and never experience any ill effects at all but, however great you look and however much confidence it gives you, tight underwear of any sort is never going to be the most comfortable thing you could choose to wear. Tomboy binders can leave you feeling short of breath, they restrict your movement and, in the summer, they can be really unpleasant to wear.

What’s the alternative?
So, if you do want the masculine tomboy look, without the pain and discomfort of binders, and simple layering just won’t do the trick for you, we suggest that you take a look at the Metro Gir Tomboy Undershirt as a viable alternative way to contour your body.

The Tomboy Undershirt has been designed specifically for tomboys. Rather than harshly compressing the body into shape, it gently contours the body and smooths out the profile perfectly.

The shirt has a really cleverly designed layer that flattens the chest, without overly squeezing it. That makes it much more comfortable to wear and it greatly reduces the risk of it causing any health problems. The Tomboy Undershirt is so comfortable and flexible; you’ll soon forget that you are wearing it, even when you are playing sports

You can achieve the masculine profile that you want, without all the pressure and squeezing. The shirt can be worn as under garment and it also looks stylish enough to be worn on its own as a casual top or for when you are playing sports, and no one will notice the difference between the Tomboy Undershirt and any other casual or sports shirt.

Check out the Metro Gir Undershirt today. It’s available in a range of sizes to match your physique and it comes in various colors and pattern to match your style. The Tomboy Undershirt really is the healthy alternative to binders.

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