Welcome to Metro Gir!

Tomboy Style and Clothing by Metro Gir !
September 26, 2016 Eva
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Welcome to Metro Gir!

Welcome to Metro Gir — your source for authentic, identity-affirming tomboy style and gender-fluid clothing. We are pleased to be introducing Metro Gir Tomboy Style and Clothing today. Our clothing is designed to allow you to express your authentic yourself. Our website is designed to allow you to connect with the Metro Gir community.

Despite continuing challenges in some regions of the world, we are blessed to be living in an era of generally expanding freedoms. This includes freedom of personal expression – which historically has meant freedom of speech. However, the notion of free personal expression – expanded to include freedom to be who we choose to be – has been largely embraced by the general public.

Tomboy Community

This expanded consciousness of identity as choice rather than biology has empowered many to publically embrace and express their innate identity in gender-agnostic or gender-fluid terms. We celebrate this expanded freedom and the resulting choice and acts of courage of many to publically express themselves in accordance with their authentic sense and chosen definition of self.

At Metro Gir, we believe that identity begins with conscious choice and is expressed in many ways — among them, our choice in clothing. We choose to align our mission with the aspirations of the gender-fluid community — beginning with clothing that facilitates free personal expression, but also inclusive of causes of importance to this specific community.

Tomboy Style

Metro Gir 1.0 is our initial, clothing-focused initiative. It includes personally expressive gear: gender-neutral/fluid and identity-affirming clothing and accessories that encourage authentic self expression. We call it alternative gir. Our products include selectively curated under and outer tomboy gir, and complimentary accessories that affirm and express the unique life force that defines us. Our aspiration is to source products made of high quality materials, designed and produced to respect and affirm your identity and health — while also protecting the health of the earth.

Metro Gir 2.0 is a joint, cause-focused phase defined by the community. Our goal is to provide a space to connect, conspire and invent a world where we are all free to be our authentic selves.

Please join us.

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